Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Andy's Sorry

Who's Sorry Now?
Well, they say you get more with sugar than with vinegar. Seems that Andrew Fastow has had a change of conscience...or good acting coaching. "... So said Andrew Fastow, the notorious former CFO of Enron, during a grueling, at times even brutal, cross-examination by the defense lawyers for his two former bosses, Jeff Skilling and Ken Lay. His repentance was striking in its apparent sincerity -- and in its pointed contrast to Skilling and Lay, who are seeking their redemption not through apologies, but by denying that anything wrong happened at Enron." Fascinating article in Fortune (here) that ends with this "Fastow, who sometimes does wear a hearing aid, was a beaten-down man by this point. And perhaps because of that, Ramsey's outburst achieved something remarkable: It made at least some in the courtroom feel sorry for Andy Fastow."