Sunday, March 26, 2006

Condi Graciously Accepts the Apology

Rice Accepts DJ's Apology for Racial Slur
(Startribune here) "Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has accepted the apology of a disc jockey fired for using a racial slur to describe her, saying the incident shows that even mature democracies take centuries to heal racial wounds."

Condi accepts the apology as representative of "slavery's birth defect". My understanding is that he apologized, said he didn't mean it,'' Rice told "Fox News Sunday.'' "I accept that because we all say things from time to time that we shouldn't say or didn't mean to say.''

She gets it. We do belileve becoming the NFL Commissioner would be a very shrewd move on her part. Especially in those great spiked leather boots of hers. Ain't no hollerback, grrrrl.