Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cruise Control Set to WACKO

From SFist (here) Tom Cruise at (Terry Semel- still-wants-to-be-considered-an-A-list-Hollywood type, even-though-he-runs-a-portal-page-company) Yahoo! Tom is WACKO, OK. He's just plain nuts AND there really is something fishy with him and Katie and the pregnancy et al. Wouldn't want to be Katie right now, that's all we can say. Can you imaging living with that WACKO hyperactivity. What's he covering up, is what we want to know. Anyway, here's the account of his visit to Yahoo!: "His visit didn't really make much sense, until you factor in that the company CEO is a former Hollywood guy.

Mr. Cruise was about 45 minutes late because he flew his own plane up here, and the weather was bad. Then he RAN across the tarmac, jumped on a Ducati, raced down 101 to the campus, and then RAN across campus to the stage.

Katie was there, too, but she flew in separately. Jesus, he drags her pregnant ass everywhere, doesn't he? He brought her on stage so he could kiss her in front of everyone because HE LOVES HER AND GOT HER PREGNANT, OK?"