Thursday, March 23, 2006

Will NYT Apologize for un-Truthiness?

The MSM just can't seem to get TRUTHINESS right. The Washington Post hires a "redstate blogger" who calls Correta Scott King a communist (and, btw, the Post does NOT have a "liberal blogger" on it's staff) (here); and now the New York Times admits what they call a "bad slip" and what we call "SHODDY REPORTING" regarding a Katrina victim. (here) "For its profile, The Times did not conduct adequate interviews or public record checks to verify Ms. Fenton's account, including her claim that she had lived in Biloxi. Such checks would have uncovered a fraud conviction and raised serious questions about the truthfulness of her account."

Jeez, guys. You'd think MSM would be trying HARDER to regain readership and regain stature in the journalism world...but NOOOOO, just make really stupid, lazy mistakes and shrug it off.

Will the NYT apologize? Will the Post hire a Liberal Blogger? We'll all be watching.