Friday, April 14, 2006

Brad Grey, Pellicano, Michael Ovitz

Who's Sorry Now?

Beware the movie business. We're watching with interest as the story unfolds about Pellicano and his dirty doings. You'd think that movie execs would get it. Ya get mixed up with the mob - even wannabe mobsters like Pellicano- and they play for real. Duh.

Hey, there's a script in here somewhere...wimpy little boys grow up to be bullies to get back for all the humiliation they faced as children; enter powerful positions but don't feel worthy; coverup with brutal treatment of everything and everyone around them; play the bigshot with ill-gotten OPM (other people's money); get caught; lie; cry and plead for mercy....there! that just about does it. Any dead bodies yet?

(NYT) So Brad Grey (Sopranos, Paramount) and Michael Ovitz (CAA Disney) are in deeper doo doo than they let on. And the news flash is? Great back story here from Defamer on the troubles at Paramount.

"Brad Grey, Paramount's chairman, told the F.B.I. that he spoke with Anthony Pellicano about two lawsuits in which Mr. Pellicano, a private detective, was working on Mr. Grey's behalf, and that he learned information about his legal opponents directly from Mr. Pellicano. A former employee of Mr. Pellicano, who was charged in February with wiretapping and conspiracy, separately told the F.B.I. that Mr. Grey had met with the detective at least five times.
Publicly, Mr. Grey has said that he was only "casually acquainted" with Mr. Pellicano, and that his lawyers were responsible for hiring and overseeing the detective."