Sunday, April 2, 2006

Death by E-Mail

Who's Sorry Now?

How about every idiot who refused to learn about technology in the 1990's - like it was going to go away? We're speaking of the Abramoff, DeLay types who still don't get it...guys, your emails live forever! We at Post An Apology have said this repeatedly...this refusal to understand the power of technology is the greatest boon to prosecutors in these cases! And, to our readers, beware ONLINE OVERSHARING.

(Newsweek here) "Federal prosecutors investigating the Jack Abramoff corruption scandal have obtained a road map to the workings of the Republican-controlled House: 1,000 internal e-mails from the office of Rep. Tom DeLay during his time as majority leader. The e-mails were turned over quietly by DeLay late last year as part of an unpublicized effort by the embattled Texas congressman to show he would cooperate with prosecutors. "We didn't hold anything back," says Richard Cullen, DeLay's lawyer, who tells NEWSWEEK the e-mails date to at least 1998 and involve all aspects of the probe. He says the e-mails weren't subpoenaed but were offered as a "Christmas present." Still, it's unclear if thee-mails will clear or help implicate DeLay.: