Thursday, April 13, 2006

Duke and Predatory Feminism?

Who's Apologizing Now?

Whoa. Predatory feminism? " My message to men on college campuses everywhere: Stay away from feminists and strippers. The last thing you want to date is a girl who studies feminism. Be sure she believes in equal rights for men to be in the family. Make certain she rejects feminism before even asking her out on a date. Get to know her previous boyfriend to find out why they broke up. If she says he is a jerk but he isn’t, you probably have a feminist on your hands. " OMG. Is this what's brewing in the hearts and minds of Americans in the fly-over states? Ah, sir, could you also tell us how you really feel about immigration? Yikes!

This piece that was emailed to Post An Apology leaves us - well, speechless. From the "angry white male" contingency comes this. Hey, we didn't know it had been decided yet who is guilty, who needs to be charged, etc. Isn't this America - innocent until proven guilty? Not for this bunch.

It speaks for itself:
“When this is all over, the team should demand and receive apologies from Duke’s president and the local ‘activists’ who naturally assumed the worst, although no formal charges had or have been made. Further, the team should receive compensation for damages to individual and team reputations. Finally, the University should mandate a refresher course in constitutional rights for its faculty and students. That said, having observed the decided tilt to the left at Duke over the last three decades, I’d encourage the team not to hold its collective breath.”