Monday, April 3, 2006

The High Road on Jill Carroll

"I will not name names nor link to bloggers who thought the worst of Miss Carroll. They and their readers know who they are and I trust they will be suitably chastised. And if they have an ounce of integrity, they will write a public apology. But after the sack cloth has been worn and the ashes spread, it might be a good idea to step back and see what the hell is going on here."

We were gratified to see this from Rightwing Nuthouse...and agree with The Moderate Voice "Right Wing Nut House's Rick Moran — who truly must rename his site (as he should have long ago) because it's one of the most thoughtful and pointed examinations of the Carroll case and what it means to the new medium of blogs." Do the Jill Carroll Haters have the guts to Publicly Apologize? We'd be happy to Post An Apology here for all to see.....

We chastised the Jill Carroll Haters (aka JPod, Jonah, truly rightwing nutbag wimps who pander to their readers) and support Rick Moran's call for a public apology. Would love to see the tables turned and see how these big babies - hiding behind a keyboard - would hold up under similar circumstances. Hey, guys! Why don't you put your money where your mouth is and enlist in the Reserves?

P.S. Here's how the Right Wing idiots are being protrayed in the UK. What ever happened to compassionate conservatism? Oh, right, that was just spin.....
"The freed American hostage Jill Carroll arrived home after 83 days of captivity in Iraq yesterday - to a barrage of criticism from Right-wingers who accused her of showing too much sympathy for her kidnappers." (here)