Saturday, April 15, 2006

Jack Abramoff: "Oy vey! Where/when should I call u?"

Who's Sorry Now?

David Safarian's Attorney appears to be sorry...but not the Jackster or David. What blatant crooks! These guys have no shame in their greed. The money pot opens and the paws go in. Plus, as Post An Apology has said numerous times, email lives forever! and all of these idiots don't seem to get that. In the Libby case also. We have a theory on that, but that's another post.

Here's the latest on the email self-incrimination saga:
Federal prosecutors last night released hundreds of e-mails documenting the business and personal ties between former White House aide David H. Safavian, lobbyist Jack Abramoff, and a network of congressional representatives and staffers.
Within days after becoming chief of staff at the General Services Administration, for example, Safavian began discussions of government property opportunities with Abramoff. In other e-mails, Abramoff suggested that then-GSA Administrator Steve Perry join them on a $130,000 golfing trip to Scotland.