Saturday, April 1, 2006

Jill Carroll Haters

Who SHOULD BE apologizing - but doesn't have a clue? How about wimpy Jonah Goldberg, or slimy Jpod (John Podhoretz), and others like these clowns. These guys are aiding and abetting the terrorists, if you ask us. This is EXACTLY what they want - American news media to kill the messenger. Jonah, fell directly into their (the captors) hands, you dopes.

Why? Because most everyone knows that folks under captivity say things they may not mean - for FEAR OF THEIR LIFE. Jeez, we're lucky these loser bloggers weren't tossing their non-compassionate hater opinions around during the Vietnam War, right Sen. McCain? This from JPod on NRO: "They insist I should apologize for "judging" her. This strikes me as absurd. If you go back and read what I've posted, I said that Carroll's statements didn't scan." (read more here)

And brainiac Goldberg (TP here):
"MAYBE IT’S JUST ME [Jonah Goldberg]But Jill Carroll is increasingly starting to bug me. The details are still murky and it’s hard to appreciate what she’s been through. And maybe JPod’s right about Stockholm syndrome. And maybe the media’s selectively choosing what to show of her statements. But it would be nice to hear her say something remotely critical of her captors, particularly about the fact that they murdered her translator in cold blood. I’m very glad she’s alive, but I’m getting a very bad vibe. More, no doubt, to come."