Sunday, April 9, 2006

Joe Wilson, WaPo, Nigergate II

Who's Not Apologizing?

Plamegate, NigerGate, WMDgate....whatever. The "leak-chronology" story gets more and more interesting every day. Forget the psycho WaPo op-ed, brilliantly deconstructed here by Daily Kos; watch Wilson on George Stephanopoulos, brilliant, as always, by C&L.

We're focusing today on Nigergate from Timesonline. The international intrigue on this one is a DaVinci Code of its own....forged documents, embassy employees selling documents on the blackmarket, blame the French, La Repubblica 's Niger Story, Il Mercato della Paura (The Market in Fear) , "fakes" of fake documents... Much more interesting to us than the hysterical American press. Sorry, folks, the Americans seem to be the patsys in this shell game. And the chumps who got stuck with the bill after everyone else left the table.

"Nigergate II: The Strange Case of the Burglar Who Didn’t Want Money
The revelations in today’s Sunday Times that two employees of the Niger embassy in Rome forged documents apparently proving Niger was selling uranium to Iraq are unlikely to end the conspiracy theories that swirl around the Niger Affair, and not just because the investigation into the Plamegate affair will run and run. There are still a number of minor mysteries that require further investigation, particularly two burglaries in Rome, one at the Niger embassy over the 2001 New Year’s holiday and one at the home of the Niger consul on January 31, 2001. Both break-ins baffled the Italian police, not least because the burglar didn’t seem to be interested in taking any money."