Monday, April 17, 2006

No Apologies from Politicians in Australia

Who's Apologizing Now?

Not these guys. Ya gotta love a news article with the headline NO APOLOGY. That's what we've got here. Pretty funny in one way, but also shows that apologies are 1) sometimes hard to come by; or 2) not well-intentioned and therefore simply lip service. Here's from our Aussie friends:

No apology
"SHOALHAVEN City Councillor John Willmott says he will not apologise to fellow councillor Gareth Ward over last week's sauce throwing incident. However, he does regret the fact that the incident has become a public example of councillors behaving badly. "If the constituents have taken offence over something that happened privately and this dirty laundry being aired publicly, I apologise to them," Cr Willmott said. "