Monday, April 10, 2006

Outsourcing American Farming?

The real story behind the immigration issues are two:
1. For the immigrants it's the Family, Stupid (remember, Latinos lean right, and family values are as important to them as they are to the Christian right) This debate hinges on breaking up families and that is what they are protesting.

2. Amerian Farming as an industry is in danger of being totally outsourced. Don't laugh. The next industry to go overseas is farming. Take away the ability to get the crops in (perishable foods don't wait for the dopes in Congress to figure things out) and the industry will simply take up and leave.

As an American, don't you want farming to remain in the country?

Here's what the farmers are saying about the immigration debate, etc.:

"The real difference would be whether the food is grown in America or abroad. The shift has begun already, as American farmers face steeper labor, fuel and other costs. For instance, the town of Gilroy, south of San Jose, still calls itself the "Garlic Capital of the World," and anoints an annual Garlic Queen. But China, where production costs are much lower, now grows about 66 percent of the world's garlic, according to the Agriculture Department. "We just don't feel we can risk keeping all our eggs in the USA basket," Steve Sarconi said. "We're competing in an international market. It's easy to say, 'raise wages', but the question is, will we stay in business?"