Monday, April 10, 2006

Rummy, Iran, Mini Nukes

Who's Sorry Now?

Nuke Iran? How about "mini-nuke" Iran? Sounds crazy, doesn't it? And yet, as the foreign press apparently knows, and we're just waking up to, the current Administration is quietly removing the blockage to fulfill their aims. Don't think the march to war is not well underway...

How many Americans are aware of the "mini-nuke" Spratt Ban? "The Spratt-Furse law states that the United States may not conduct research and development that could lead to the production of low-yield (five kilotons or less) nuclear weapons. It is also known as the PLYWD law (for Precision Low-Yield Weapons Development).

Rummy's in Maylaysia and these reporters seem very well informed on this topic. Oh, for the day when American reporters were as well informed and pointed in their questions: "To study the penetrator," responded the reporter. "But what I'm referring to, sir, is the vote in the Senate committee and the legislation that would remove the current ban, the so-called, the Spratt ban, after Congressman Spratt, that would restrict the testing and development of, study of weapons, nuclear weapons..."