Saturday, April 1, 2006

Sorry - It's an Online Dating Mismatch

WSJ has an interesting article on the data coming out about the online dating mismatches that are now turning into divorce. Turns out it's related to the brokeback post (who knew?):

(WSJ) In 1995, Matt Frassica, tired of singles bars and set-ups by friends, tried his hand at dating online. There he met, and later married, a woman who also liked long walks in the rain and homemade lasagna. They were even featured in People magazine as a prototype of successful cyber-romance.
Then the fairy tale ended. Mr. Frassica said he realized he was gay, and the divorce was official last year. "We avoided getting to know the real person," says the 34-year-old corporate recruiter in San Francisco. "All we knew was the profiles of each other." (His ex-wife confirms that.)"