Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wannabe Gangsta Jack Abramoff's Tentacles

That's tentacles, not testicles, btw. At any rate, good juicy stuff from Rolling Stone to confirm just about everything you've thought you heard about his corrupt web.

However, it does not refer much to the SunCruz Casino murders and we at Post An Apology still maintain that Abramoff is somehow implicated in the murder and is trading on that with the Feds. A murder beef is tough. Spill the beans on your rolodex, not so tough.

Here's the RS article:
All along, Abramoff was buying journalists, creating tax-exempt organizations to fund campaign activities and using charities to fund foreign conflicts. He spent the past twenty years doing business with everyone from James Dobson to the Gambino family, from Ralph Reed to Grover Norquist to Karl Rove to White House procurements chief David Safavian. He is even lurking in the background of the 2004 Ohio voting-irregularities scandal, having worked with the Diebold voting-machine company to defeat requirements for a paper trail in elections.