Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Entourage Decoder

Thanks to TMZ we all get to crack the "insider-code" that is HBO's Entourage. We LOVE this show - it's the best "factory-town" show about the Hollywood entertainment factory around. On the custom shoes - Decoder has an explanation. We'd add the post we made about the Yellow Line of Adidas - anyone know how it's doing?

Here's the de-code of Sunday's show:
Last night's episode of "Entourage" – the penultimate of the season! – was all about getting in: Ari and Eric (sans Bob) getting into the right studio to make the Ramones deal, Vinny and Turtle getting into the store to nab the limited-edition Nikes, and Drama getting in touch ... with his confidence to prep for the big monologue.

As ever, there was plenty in the show to get the Decoder very curious, like those $20,000 Nikes, the mysterious Fukijama, the new slew of studio chiefs and the title of Ed Burns' pilot.

Click here... it's not over yet