Monday, August 28, 2006

"Sorry, Ari"

Who's SORRY now?

Ari, in Entourage, for not....what?.....APOLOGIZING. Hey, Ari, it's 2006 - the Year of the Apology! We coulda told you that!

Here's TMZ's Entourage Decoder for the Season Finale:
...And regardless of the respective fates of Ari, Vince, and the gang, "Entourage" fans have little to worry about. The cast is close to wrapping 8 episodes that will air sometime in early 2007, and they will go back to work to produce 12 or 13 more than are scheduled to unspool next summer. And HBO has already ordered 15 or 16 more eps for the summer of 2008.

How could Ellin possibly cram more Hollywood inside-baseball into his show? Maybe, he suggests, he'll have to give it a little rest: "We could have Vince take a year off and they could go live in the Hamptons." Wherever they are, the Decoder will find them.

And just like that, Vince and the guys walked off into the sunset for another season, leaving Ari shuffling in their wake, wondering just exactly he would do without his biggest client. But unlike the end of season two, when everything was looking blindingly bright for the princes of Queens, the future doesn't seem so promising. After all, Vince doesn't have a gig, Turtle's back to being just a driver, E's only client isn't working, and Johnny, well, nothing is ever certain with Johnny.

So, on that muted note, the Decoder takes its last swipe through Tinseltown terrain, checking out just how good a bribe Ari is offering Bob, what Rex means when he talks about the "Gay Mafia," and even investigates a case of life irritated by art imitating life.

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