Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tom Cruise's Desperate Soundbites

Looks like Desperation is breaking out all over.

We think the whold Paramount / Tom Cruise / Sumner Redstone thing is pretty funny.

We think Tom's biz partner, Paula Wagner, sounds pretty desperate here, " Wagner said that the company going forward will be financed by two private equity funds, one in Los Angeles and one in New York, which she declined to name. "The deal is there," she said, and it consists of a revolving fund of $100 million annually to be used for film production, with the option to increase funds to as much as $200 million-$300 million per year. It will permit Cruise and other filmmakers to work on a range of "major-budget, high-concept films as well as smaller-budget films," she said. "This gives us the opportunity to work with every studio and make great films."

What-ev-uh. All we know is that Tom's weird and getting weirder (Michael Jackson-weird); Katie's probablly sorry she ever agreed to whatever deal she has with Tom; and baby Suri is still a mystery.