Friday, August 25, 2006

Virgin's "Mistakes on a Plane"

Who's NOT Apologizing Now?

"It was appalling. No one apologised or knew what was happening."

Virgin Airlines, ususally a pretty cool company, kept passengers on a plane on the tarmac for 7 HOURS! Can you imagine. Sounds really grim.

Let's hope the British roundup up of terrorists turns out to be a real and present danger....because the flying public is getting hopping mad. No food, no water, no explanations! Unacceptable. How long is the public going to stand for the bumbling and bungling? And for what? Isn't a plane sitting on a tarmac for 7 hours full of angry passengers a SITTING DUCK?

And it sounds like the police will be quelling angry passengers....instead of fighting terrorism, if this keeps up!

Bungles that delayed flight for seven hours

8.45am Passengers begin boarding flight VS63 from Gatwick to Havana

9.30am Flight due to depart

10.00am Passengers finish boarding. Doors closed

11.00am Crew announce there is a technical problem which will take 15 minutes

11.30am Passengers told they are waiting for a spare part

1.30pm Crew announce the spare part has arrived. Take-off "soon"

2.45pm Passengers told inflight meals may have to be replaced. If not cleared for take-off by 3.30pm crew won't be able to fly

3.25pm Plane begins to taxi for take-off

3.35pm Take-off stopped

3.45pm Captain says plane has a misshapen tyre and will have to go back to the terminal

4pm Flight cancelled. Police board plane amid fears of rioting

4.30pm Passengers are allowed off but told they must wait for their luggage