Friday, January 12, 2007

KSFO: No apologies

Who's NOT SORRY. but SHOULD BE now?

The whole KSFO, Spocko, etc. thing is important to watch. We're with John Amato, C&L on this, for sure:

By: John Amato @ 1:04 PM - PST
The KSFO show is an obvious PR stunt. If they weren't worried there would be no special at all. 35,000 downloads so far and counting. We know what they're about and no special programming event will change that. Mike Stark catches Morgan engaging in a little astroturfing:

Melanie Morgan has been caught red-handed astro-turfing her own mea culpa show. She sent an
email to a list of sycophants asking them to call her show in support. (please click the link. I's have simply posted the text, but it wasn't forwarded to me - the person with the scoop deserves the traffic)…read on

Here's some idiot's alternative view, more hate speech to support the haters.