Thursday, January 18, 2007

NeoConArtists' Formula for Disaster

Bill Kristol and David Kagan are dangerous to America. And don't think they care one whit. They're hoping for a bloody 2007 that furthers their right wing radical, treasonous, nuttiness:

Simplify and Exaggerate

President George W. Bush's decision to send more troops to Iraq demonstrates the remarkable durability of neo-conservative foreign policy. Just a couple of months ago, the neo-cons were being written off. The Baker-Hamilton report on Iraq was advertised as signalling the triumphant return of the "grown-ups" and the "reality-based community". But the president chose to ignore Baker-Hamilton, reportedly dismissing the document as a "flaming turd".

Instead he turned for succour and advice to his old neo-con allies. The "surge" idea was developed and promoted at the American Enterprise Institute, a Washington think-tank that has long served as neo-con central. The neo-cons, like President Bush, are getting another throw of the dice in Iraq.