Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Teen sues RIAA for collusion

Who's sorry now?

That might be the stupid RIAA, who's latest 'customer care' program has been SUE YOUR the tune of over 18,000 suits. What idiots. That's a great way to win friends and influence people. OK, the RIAA claims that it's because they've lost so much because of piracy. Boo Hoo.

AP ...The Recording Industry Association of America, which has coordinated most of the lawsuits, issued a statement saying, "The record industry has suffered enormously due to piracy. That includes thousands of layoffs. We must protect our rights. Nothing in a filing full of recycled charges that have gone nowhere in the past changes that fact."

Uh, no. How about you didn't want to change your greedy business model. In fact, it took Apple and iTunes to come along and show the world that, in fact, fans WILL PAY for music, given a good and fair way to do so.

So, now along comes a savvy teen and his lawyer to push back. We're keeping our eye on this one for sure....

Robert Santangelo and his lawyer, Jordan Glass, responded at length Tuesday, raising 32 defenses, demanding a jury trial and filing a counterclaim against the companies that accuses them of damaging the boy's reputation, distracting him from school and costing him legal fees....