Thursday, January 18, 2007

UA- Sorry we lost your cat for 3 weeks in cargo hold!

Who's sorry now?

Pumpkin, the cat, for one. Jeez, the airlines just keep blurring the picture of any sembalance of customer service....and we just take it!
Here, kitty, kitty!

via the Consumerist: A tabby cat named "Pumpkin" is said to be doing well, after going three weeks without food or water in the cargo hold of a passenger jet that flew from England to Germany. After the United Airlines flight to Munich last month, Pumpkin was supposed to board a connecting flight to Washington, D.C. but never made it.Poor kitty! When the cat's owners went to pick up Pumpkin, they found her carrier broken and empty. "On Wednesday United cargo workers found the tired, hungry animal at Denver International Airport. She was taken to a veterinary clinic for treatment of starvation and extreme dehydration." Pumpkin is going to make it, and she'll be flying home on the lap of a United employee. Wow, buy a sturdy cat carrier, huh?
Cat found, tired and hungry after 3 weeks in cargo hold [MSNBC]