Monday, February 5, 2007

Getting rid of all red-light cameras?

"The red light is a flashpoint of where we're going as a country, as a society about individual liberties."

Yeah! We're on her side and hope this takes off nationwide.

AP The Mendenhall case challenges all red-light-cameras on constitutional grounds. He claimed the cameras and the tickets deny due process.In the suit, Warner and his wife contend the cities have turned a criminal violation in to a civil matter with a sole purpose of making money.

"Cities cannot just take what are crimes and make them civil offenses. People cannot afford these fines. The fine my wife faced was $150," Mendenhall said. In discovery, Mendenhall revealed thousands of mistakes, Pohlman reported. Akron's cameras captured speeders 4,000 times, but because of problems or procedure, those tickets were tossed. Pohlman caught mistakes in Cleveland, too. A ticket issued to the wrong plate, for the wrong vehicles and the wrong speed. The red-light cameras are now facing a real legal challenge thanks to an attorney, Pohlman reported.