Thursday, February 8, 2007

GOP: Impeach Bush!

Who's talking impeachment now?

Why, the GOP itself! The Mexican-hater wingnuts may have a use afterall. Maybe they'll do for America what the dopey Dems can't seem to do - IMPEACH PRESIDENT BUSH.

Audio clip of Rohrabacher speaking on impeachment Hooray for Rohrabacher, Trancredo, Hunter, et al. (Never thought we'd say that!) who are hopping mad.

Why, you ask? Over his handling of the war? Nah. It's all about the border patrol agents in jail, plus border, immigration, snakes on a plane, etc. Whatever. If it gets dangerous Bush and his NeoConArtist buddies out of power - so be it!

via RS Montgomery notes that this "case has become a cause celebre among conservative groups, which contend that Ramos and Compean were railroaded by overzealous federal prosecutors who gave the drug smuggler immunity to testify against the two agents."..."The president of the United States talks a lot about his Christian charity, and his religious beliefs," Rohrabacher said. "He now is showing a mean-spirited side to him, an arrogance, in which he will turn his back."