Sunday, February 18, 2007

Guys who can't get it up now use home impotency test

That'll have American men flocking to purchase the product, brought to you by Eli Lilly. Guess Lilly wants some of the Pfizer/ Viagra money. They see by Viagra sales that apparently most men on the planet can't get it up. Now you can test at home....the instructions are pretty funny:

RS Singapore- A new home impotency test kit is available in Singapore for men who are too embarrassed to seek advice about their problems getting an erection, The Sunday Times said.The kit helps men determine whether their erectile difficultiesare physical or psychological.

One of three strips is wrapped around the flaccid penis at bedtime, said Peter Lim, head of the Society for Men's Health in the city-state. If the strip is broken the next morning, it means the man is having normal, healthy night time erections. If it remains unbroken on three occasions, then the problem is likely to be physical.