Thursday, February 15, 2007

Jet Blue Apologizes for nightmare on tarmac

Who's apologizing now?

Jet Blue, for the nightmare of leaving passengers as 'hostages' on the tarmac for 10 hours. What is the deal with airlines who do this? They can't get their logistics in sync with the airport enough to take care of passengers better? How can consumers push back on this nonsense?

(AP) QUEENS, N.Y. Jet Blue Airlines apologized late Wednesday to dozens of passengers who were kept sitting on planes at New York's JFK International Airport for 10 hours or more without ever taking off, reports Andrew Kirtzman of WCBS-TV, the CBS affiliate in New York. JetBlue's apology said anyone stuck on one of its flights for more than three hours Wednesday would receive a full refund and a free roundtrip ticket for a future flight. Some, however, were in no mood to accept that apology. "Disorganized. No one knows anything. It's all chaos," one passenger said.