Friday, February 2, 2007

K-Fed's Superbowl Commercial

Who's sorry now?

YAHOO Kevin Federline has something to say to those who are offended by an upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring him as a fast-food worker: He's "really sorry." "The commercial is completely intended for me, making fun of myself and my own situation," the aspiring rapper, 28, told Associated Press Television in a recent interview. "It has nothing to do with anybody in the fast-food industry at all. So, you know, if we've offended anybody, I'm really sorry about that."

Well, K-Fed just may be the one who comes out on top of this one.
His Life Comes At You Fast Nationwide commercial is all the buzz.....boyfriend's livin' large. Hey, Brit, whatcha gonna do now, girl?

TMZ Cameras spotted Brit's ex at Lebron James' Super Bowl party at Mansion in Miami last night. Federline posed with a few friends and a very happy-to-be-here-looking blonde.

Is the Fed-Ex back in the saddle?