Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Meet your new country - the North American Union

Get a clue.

In addition to all going well in Iraq (according to the Bush-NeoCon plan), all is going well with NAFTA and the creation of your new country - the North American Union. This new union will encompass Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Think we're kidding? We're not. The new NAFTA superhighway going from Mexico through Kansas City up to Canada is testament to the new plan. The US gets new resources, cheap labor, more land mass, solves the border problems, ..and create a majority Christian nation. Interesting, no?

So, we're not sure all is bad about this. The civil liberties issues bother us, but the rest is fairly intriguing.

here The plan to establish a North American Union is one of the most important topics confronting our country, as it threatens to abolish the USA and the freedom that it represents.
On March 23, 2005, Prime Minister Paul Martin, President Bush and President Vicente Fox, the respective leaders of Canada, USA and Mexico, met in Waco, Texas, to discuss plans to merge our three countries into a North American Union (NAU), calling their agreement the "Security and Prosperity Partnership" (SPP).
In spite of our government's rhetoric to enforce a border, even build a fence, the SPP calls for the removal of our borders. It envisions a common economic system under a common currency, the amero, a common law, common enforcement of the law, common emergency domestic response for "common problems," and I would expect, a common military. Being a treaty, it would require senatorial approval only if our leaders uphold and defend the constitution of the United States.