Monday, February 12, 2007

Pastor sold church for BMW, then snitched a murder and won't go to jail

Who's sorry now?

Randall Radic, a con man who sold a church out from under an elderly congregation (and bought a BMW), gets caught, goes to jail, gets out on bail, snitches on a murder and apparently won't do any real time. Here's the rest of that story from the AP today.

One person who's already apologized in this bizarre case is a blogger who received a very telltale email from this crook to represent him (the crook) in a book deal...and it's worth reading that email, below.

"So, to "Daddy Radic", as he calls himself, I'm sorry for not taking your email more seriously. Ordinarily, I don't make a practice of apologizing to known felons but I feel the need to do so on this occasion."

-----Original Message-----
From : "Randy Radic"
Date: Tue, 30 May 2006 9:22 AM

Subject: My Wanna' be book

Dr. Blogstein,
Hey! I've got this great book, non-fiction, about me and my felonious life, snitching, fast cars, fast women, just getting out of jail. Google me: just punch in Randall Radic, or visit my blog: Anyway, my problem is this: I need an agent, so I can get an advance, so I can eat and finish my book. I need some help here. Can you do anything to succor a former Old Catholic Priest gone wrong? Who simply embezzled, but HAS learned his lesson (the hard way), having been incarcerated with pedophiles, murderers and gangbangers. I'm the founder of the Anti-Christian Christian Brotherhood and Social Club, which has one other member: Bob Gay, who is on trial for murder even as I write this. But he's innocent! Can you help me? Daddy Radic, (The Right Reverend Randall E. Radic+)