Friday, February 2, 2007

Turner Apologizes (again) for Boston marketing stunt

Who's apologizing, again, now?

That would be Phil Kent, Turner's chairman and CEO, this time in full page ads in the papers.

AP "We never intended this outcome and certainly did not set out to perpetrate a hoax. What we did is inadvertently cause a great American city to deal with the unintended impact of this marketing campaign. For this, we are deeply sorry," Kent said.

We are apology experts and we believe that there are other apologies required:
1. The Boston officials should be apologizing for over reacting and not using common sense
2. IF this was "so dangerous", the other cities - who did NOTHING - should be apologizing for NOT being vigilant enough.

Again, this is what the current climate of FEAR does to a society - it mixes everyone up and begins to foster a paranoia that is more dangerous than the threat itself. Also, most totalitarian regimes USE this kind of fear to control their let's ask our collective selves, Where are we going with this?