Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Wal-Mart affair: She did it with him and the wife turned over the emails

Who's sorry now?

Julie? Sean? The wife? Wal-Mart? Hard to say. We do know that getting any at work is dangerous. And what's with WalMart apparently extorting the email from the wife by holding her husband's $200K bonus over her head?

Meanwhile, the winner is likely to be Julie, who's having fun livin' large:

ABC While the rhetoric heats up and the saga evolves into a soap opera, Roehm keeps herself busy looking for work and entertaining several offers to write a book about her experience. Over the weekend, she traveled to Miami where she watched the Super Bowl with some friends who work at Sports Illustrated. (The former advertising chief's favorite Super Bowl ad: those viewer-generated Doritos commercials.)

And Roehm continued to insist that office politics played a part in the rumors of a romance. "Define inappropriate for me," said Roehm. "Sean is a great friend, not a romantic friend. He's like a brother to me. Some of my very best friends are men. I know that even in this day and age, it's still hard to think that a woman and a man can be friends"