Friday, April 27, 2007

Alec Baldwin to apologize today on The View

Who's sorry (or at least apologizing) now?

Actor Alec Baldwin, for the voice mail tirade at his 11 year old daughter, apparently a "thoughtless little pig". Alec has chosen Dr. Phil and The View for his mea culpa, rather than rehab. But, hey, we're pretty sure ol' Kimmy isn't totally clean in this, either. Did she, or did she not, release that tape to the media? They had to get it some kind of way.....

Actor Alec Baldwin will apologize to his daughter on national television on Friday for calling her a "thoughtless little pig," according to excerpts from a pre-taped ABC interview released on Thursday...Meanwhile, television therapist Dr. Phil McGraw revealed that Baldwin had called him for advice on Thursday and that the two had a "far-reaching, intense conversation" about the actor's daughter and his former spouse.