Monday, April 30, 2007

Paul Wolfowitz : Give me $400K and I'll leave the World Bank

Who's a total di@k now?

That would be Paul Wolfowitz.
Ok, we have no love whatsoever for any neocon. But this one is especially odious. Why? Because he's an outright crook, a cheater, a liar, and a corrupt high level official. Now, he wants $400K to leave the World Bank. Oh, and is Andrew Young getting paid for his behind the scenes "endorsement" of Wolfie? What a circus. BTW, doesn't AY
look like Kadafi?

Here's Paul's own words on 'corruptors';:

But punishing corruptors isn't the only solution. In fact, it probably isn't the best solution. The best solution is in fact improved transparency, improved accountability, so that corruptors know ahead of time that they can't hide.

Here's the latest according to the Washington Note:

Behind the scenes of the gladiatorial battle that will take place between Paul Wolfowitz and the World Bank Board today are efforts by his lawyer, Robert Bennett, and the Bank staff to negotiate terms of Wolfowitz's departure.

According to some insiders, Wolfowitz wants "some acknowledgment" of the Bank Board's complicity in the messy circumstances surrounding his and Shaha Riza's situation.

Secondly, allegedly on June 1st, Wolfowitz becomes eligible for some large financial bonus -- for performance and time on the job. One estimate puts this figure at about $400,000. Wolfowitz wants to make sure those funds are credited to his private bank account before saying farewell to an institution that has come to despise him.