Tuesday, May 1, 2007

CHASE Bank is giving ID thieves your personal information! Video

Who's sorry now?

Are you a CHASE BANK customer? Do you get nickle and dimed to death in fees from the bank? And isn't ID theft supposed to be top of mind for all of these financial institutions? Nah. They're giving away your personal data to ID thieves as you read this. Those idiots.

Here's what CHASE says they do about ID theft:
If you're a victim of identity theft or account fraud, you should notify your bank(s) immediately. If your account(s) is with Chase you should call your Chase customer service representative immediately. Chase will work with you in an effort to make appropriate corrections of unauthorized transactions in your Chase accounts and to correct any incorrect reports submitted by Chase to credit bureaus, and will attempt to help protect you from any future identity theft or account fraud.

Here's what they're REALLY doing: