Saturday, May 19, 2007

Gift from Bush to the GOP - Immigration Reform HA!

Who's dazed and confused now?

The GOP, that's who. By forcing his own version of Immigration Reform....btw, worked out in secret MONTHS AGO, and not budging on it - he's doing to the GOP what he's done to the country with Iraq: He's got an agenda with a "shadow government" and he's DEAD SERIOUS about that agenda.

In Iraq, it's the oil, stupid. Bush will leave office just as the Revenue Sharing Agreements are finalized and he and his cronies will reap billions in profits.

For immigration, it's the North American Union, stupid. The NAFTA superhighway is being built from Mexico City, through Kansas City, to Canada as we speak. The US, Mexico, and Canada will form a North American Union, much like the EU, claiming security and increased prosperity as the reasoning. Get over it, GOPers. Immigration is here to stay. And more is on its way. PS - don't think they just thought up the "Z" Visa. The law is already written and it took some work. So somebody has been very busy....unbeknownst to all the talking heads.

Key figures on the right, including conservative talk radio hosts, analysts at the Heritage Foundation and National Review columnists, derided the agreement as a sellout of conservative principles, while GOP presidential candidates criticized the plan as a form of amnesty -- a characterization rejected by the White House.... Former House speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia, who also may run, called the arrangement a "disastrous bill" and said the upcoming Senate vote would be a "defining moment" for the Republican party.

"I can't imagine anybody running for president being nominated if they support this bill," Gingrich said in an interview.