Monday, May 7, 2007

Now that Elliot Mintz is apologizing, will Paris really have to go to jail?

Who's apologizing now?
That would be the WORST PUBLICIST EVER, Elliot Mintz. What?!? He didn't tell her she couldn't drive? Oh well, look at it this way: maybe this will be what gets Paris a new sentence and she won't really have to go to jail.

At her hearing, Hilton told Superior Court Judge Michael Sauer that Mintz had repeatedly informed her that her license had been suspended for only 30 days and that she could still drive for work-related matters.

Mintz accepts he was partially responsible for the strict sentence through misinformation, and he's left her employment over the error. He tells People, "The day after the hearing, I sent Paris an email expressing my sadness over the ruling of the judge and the irrational sentence he imposed. In that email (to Paris) I also offered my sincerest apology for any misunderstanding she received from me regarding the terms of her probation. To the extent that I have miscommunicated information I received from her attorneys... I am deeply and profoundly sorry.

"I told her that I assume personal responsibility for my part in this matter. I believe when Paris stated in court that she believed it was ok, for her to drive under certain circumstances she was being absolutely truthful. Due to this misunderstanding, I am no longer representing Paris."