Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Troops in Iraq for DECADES

Get a clue.

This President is hellbent on digging in and staying in Iraq. Any one who believes different is smoking something funny. We are in, we are in big, we are staying in for a LOOOONNNNGGGG time:

In testimony before the Senate Appropriations Committee this month, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Peter Pace uttered a “carefully worded” statement revealing that the Pentagon had no plans to fully withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq if legislation passes Congress mandating troop redeployment:

PACE: Sir, we have published no orders directing the planning for the overall withdrawal of forces. We do have ongoing replacements of forces, and we do change the size of the force over time so that that system is available to either plus-up or draw down, but we have published no orders saying come up with a complete plan for total drawdown.