Friday, June 15, 2007

From CEO to Rapper - sorry for resume puffing

Who's sorry now?

What idiots. In the age of the Internet, EVERYTHING you say about yourself can be verified. Or not. That's the good news and the bad news. And yet, apparently, people just keep thinking no one will check. Our favorite to date is the Steve Austin, the rapper who claims to have been in the Marines...but, no, not true. Why would you lie about that, dude? We like the joint, but dude, Bussa move right outta here...

DALLAS - While the pay and job may differ, from CEOs to rap stars to entry level government workers, there appears to be a growing trend of lying on resumes. Dallas-based rapper Steve Austin, who goes by the name "Bioniq MC," claims his music reflects the intensity of the eight years he served in the Marine Corps. His latest single, "Bussa Move," zoomed to Billboard Music's top ten hip-hop singles