Saturday, June 30, 2007

Glasgow Burns, London cowers, Bush "Gone fishin"

Get a clue.

We like what Larry Johnson has to say about London and Glasgow. PS - there's still no cell phone.

Because IF these developments were really really really terrible....Bush would be in some sort of war room, or hunkering down with his advisors. But, no. He's fishing off the coast of Kennebunkport, Maine on "Putin Watch". Hey, didn't Putin just visit our enemy Chavez? Hmmmm.

A Russian flag flew alongside Old Glory at a home having a yard sale. Bartley's Dockside Restaurant posted a sign that said: "Kennebunkport is Putin on the Ritz." The menu at The Clam Shack is posted in both English and Russian. On Saturday, though, Bush was the focus. The president - sporting a cap depicting a Scottish terrier like his dog, Barney - used a bait fish to angle one of two fish caught by the group. Barbara cheered her father on as he leaned back and reeled it in.

PS - for those of you who think Bush is failing, think again. The recent Supreme Court decisions tell exactly why Bush is WINNING - Race, free speech, abortion, all gone conservative. Watch more here.