Sunday, June 17, 2007

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger "Turn off Spanish TV"

Get a clue.

Hate to admit it, but we're with the Governator on this one. He's right about immersion into a new language. And the way we read it, he's NOT saying, "Turn off your (Latino) heritaage". He's saying LEARN ENGLISH NOW. Yoo hoo, he's one of the most successful immigrants in the US! Maybe he's on to something, no?

He talked at first about providing more tutors and after-school help to improve their English-language skills, but then suggested that the ability of many California Latinos to lead their daily lives -- shopping, watching television, reading newspapers, speaking with friends -- almost entirely in Spanish was making it harder for them to learn English.

"This is politically not the correct thing to say, but here I am, getting myself into trouble,'' Schwarzenegger said, anticipating the furor he was creating. "But I know that when I came to this country, I ... very rarely spoke German to anyone.''

The governor admitted that his experience as a young, single man moving into an area where German speakers were few and far between was very different from a Spanish-speaking family living in an established Latino community like East Los Angeles, because he was forced to speak English.