Saturday, June 16, 2007

Midnight Express author expresses remorse w/Video

Who's "expressing remorse" now?

Billy Hayes, the dude who got caught in Turkey for smuggling hash back in the 1970's. "Expressing remorse" is not exactly an apology, but whatever...

In 1970, Hayes, then aged 23, was caught at an Istanbul airport trying to smuggle hashish and sentenced to 30 years.

Back in Istanbul after three decades to attend an international security conference, Hayes admitted that the image the movie created of Turkey and the Turkish people "was not fair to them or true to my experience."

"I did not write the screenplay or direct the film, but I should accept my share of responsibility for the damage it has done," he was quoted as telling reporters Friday. "I always wanted to come back to Istanbul to correct the wrongs that 'Midnight Express' did," he said.

Hayes had been barred from returning to Turkey but police said the ban had been lifted temporarily because he was "sincere in his remorse".