Sunday, June 3, 2007

Paris goes to jail, Libby doesn't?

Get a clue.

Sometimes things are really mixed up in our famous justice system. Ok, we think Paris was a dope to drive drunk while on probation...duh. Paris, what were you thinking? Gonna be a long, strange trip, my friend.

But they're talking about Scooter Libby getting not just pardoned, but CLEMENCY? And leading the charge is...wait for it....Fred Thompson? Talk about strange bedfellows!

The Cost of Clemency: The White House's Dilemma Regarding the Libby Sentencing If Watergate had any lesson, it was that when someone connected to the White House is heading for prison, it is dangerous for the president or those close to him to even think about - not to mention talk about - clemency.

With Friends Like Thompson, Libby's Pardon Is In Doubt Judge Walton has agreed to make public the hundred-some letters he has received from present and former government officials regarding the Libby pardon. After Judge Walton sentences Libby, the world will know if the rumor as to his truly having cojones is correct -- for if Walton does tell Libby to surrender forthwith to the Federal Bureau of Prison, the campaign to "Free Scooter" will begin in earnest.