Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Short Guide to Iraq (i-RAHK)

Get a clue.

Wonkette has an intriguing little handbook from....1943! Hey, that was when Americans were respectful of other people's culture and cared how the world saw them. And this handy book is quite something...especially in light of AbuGrahib, etc etc etc....Oh, for the America of yesteryear:
  • But you will also find out quickly that the Iraqi is one of the most cheerful and friendly people in the world. Few people you have seen get so much fun out of work and everyday living.
  • You aren’t going to Iraq to change the Iraqis. Just the opposite. We are fighting this war to preserve the principle of “Live and let live.”
  • Right now Iraq is threatened with invasion — as America is now. The Iraqis have some religious and tribal differences themselves. Hitler has been trying to use those differences to his own ends.
  • Iraq has great military importance for its oil fields, with their pipelines to the Mediterranean Sea. Yes, Iraq is a hot spot in more ways than one.