Saturday, June 23, 2007

SHOX News- We Distort, You Comply

Here's art we can support! From World Net Daily, no less...

"According to the Patriot Act, I guess I could be considered an enemy of the state," Fiorito told the New Times of Phoenix last year. "A lot of artists try to be subtle. And sometimes you have to be. But I'm obviously not that kind of artist.

'We distort, you comply'

June 23, 2005: A Los Angeles artist with a history of mocking the Bush administration and conservatives including Rush Limbaugh went after the Fox News Channel with a billboard and related website called

The billboard in Santa Monica, Calif., featured a shadowy Uncle Sam figure controlling a handpuppet, as it proclaims in giant lettering, "Shox News Channel, We Distort, You Comply," an obvious send-up of the cable news channel's "We report, you decide" slogan.

The campaign was created by Karen Fiorito, a self-described propagandist and culture jammer who said, "My art plays a subversive role in society, offering an alternative narrative to the dominant culture. I hope to initiate a dialogue in the community, not only about political issues, but also about the assumption that art and politics do not mix."