Friday, June 1, 2007

TB Dude Apologizes

Who's apologizing now? The TB dude, Andrew Speaker, is apologizing - or at least asking for forgiveness - from the other passengers on the flights. Whatever. But, wait, what about the breach of security? Don't we pay all these DHS folks a boatload of money to protect our borders? And the guy just slipped into the US from Canada, even though he was on some list? THAT's what we should be sorry about - our idiot DHS doesn't work!

"I'm very sorry for any grief or pain that I have caused anyone," Speaker said from his isolation room in the National Jewish Hospital in Denver. "I think if people look at my life, that's not … not how I live my life."..."I feel awful. I've lived in state of constant fear and anxiety. I'm exhausted, for a week now. And to think that someone else is now feeling that, I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way -- it's awful," he said. "I just hope they can forgive me and understand that I really believed [I] wasn't putting people at risk because that's what the people told me."