Monday, July 23, 2007

Kelly Clarkson apologizes to Clive Davis w/ video

Who's apologizing now?

American Idol singer Kelly Clarkson to promoter Clive Davis. Hey, girl, don't bite the hand that fed you....

"A lot has been made in the press about my relationship with Clive," the former "American Idol" said in her statement. "Much of this has been blown way out of proportion and out of context." "Contrary to recent characterizations in the press, I'm well aware that Clive is one of the great record men of all time," her statement said. "He has been a key advisor and has been an important force in my success to date." Clarkson, who co-wrote every track on "My December," gives Davis kudos for releasing the album when he wasn't obligated to do so.

"I really regret how this has turned out and I apologize to those whom I have done disservice," she said. "I would never intentionally hurt anyone. I love music, and I love the people I am blessed to work with."