Sunday, July 15, 2007

LA Cardnial Mahony Apologizes

Who's apologizing now?

Los Angeles Cardinal Mahony apologizes for the pedophiles among us....those priests who sexually abused mostly YOUNG BOYS, are putting the archdiocese out by $600 mil. Let's just hope this is not still happening....

"Once again, I apologize to anyone who has been offended, who has been abused. It should not have happened, and it will not happen again."

Mahony said that he has met in the past 14 months with dozens of people alleging clergy abuse and that those meetings helped him understand the importance of a quick resolution to the lawsuits. Parishioners reacted with disappointment and relief to the settlement.

Vivian Viscarra, 50, who attends Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels three times a month, said the victims deserve the payout even though it could hurt the church's ability to deliver important services. The amount would average a little more than $1.3 million per plaintiff, although individual payouts will vary according to the severity and duration of the abuse.