Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Bob Allen "The black guy made me do it"

Get a clue.

The "family values" candidate just simply ISN'T. Bob Allen ran on this platform and then got caught looking for a bl@wjob in a public park. Rep. Bob Allen is not afraid of the black guy. He's afraid of the humiliation he'll face with his his wife, kids, co-workers, etc. What a pu$$y.

Rep. Bob Allen cites fear of black men, weather in oral sex arrest

Representative Bob Allen, a Republican in the Florida House of Representatives, blamed the weather and his fear of black men for offering $20 to perform oral sex on a man in a public park. The man turned out to be an undercover police officer, who promptly arrested Allen.

Kavanaugh wrote that he asked Allen about going somewhere else and Allen suggested going "across the bridge, it's quieter over there."

"Well look, man, I'm trying to make some money; you think you can hook me up with 20 bucks?" Kavanaugh wrote in the report that he had asked Allen. The Republican lawmaker, the report said, replied, "Sure, I can do that, but this place is too public."

According to Kavanaugh's statement, the officer said, "do you want just (oral sex)?" and Allen replied, "I was thinking you would want one." It was at that point Allen was arrested.